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My trip out west in august of 2019.

Nothing like touring the south west when it's 115 degrees out. Still, it was a powerfully awesome trip.

Originally we were all supposed to head to colorado to meetup and camp. But everyone had things go wrong. There was an unscheduled surgery, a failed central air unit. People bailed.

Me being the reasonable human being that I am... I decided to just ride around the country to visit people since I had time of.

I rode from Philadelphia PA to Artesia New Mexico in 2 days. I did it so I'd have time off to ride in the south west. I'd never been there.

I spent 2 days at a friends house catching up, then I hit the road. I crossed, NM, AZ, UT and into Colorado... it was great. Riding the bike across the desert at night has been on my list of things to experience.

I'm glad I did it. Yes, it was hot. I had to be very mindful of heat exhaustion and hydration.

By the time I was in Aspen, Colorado my vacation time was getting short. So I rode from Aspen to Columbus Ohio in 2 days. Spent time visiting another friend, then rode back home.

Good times. I also learned that riding solo across big stretches of country is.. fun! I met some nice random folks, and really just got to do things at my own pace.