Motorcycles, Camping, Beer

The pandemic had me mostly doing local stuff, avoiding crowds and generally being antisocial. Suits me.

I still managed to get a little solo camping in.

A highlight of the year is I rescued a little calico from my back yard. We have this feral cat who's been coming around for a couple years. I have one of her surviving kittens from a year or so ago. This spring she showed up with 2 little ones. The boy kitten didn't make it. The girl kitten took some time, but i eventually got her in and she's much happier. Momma cat still eludes my attempts to trap her. She's not remotely human friendly, but will let me sit nearby.

Other than that, the bike is shaping up. I found a dedicated motorcycle campground nearish home, so that's awesome. I'm looking forward to finishing my vaccine shots and getting back to traveling.